Teaching Presence in Relationship

An Interpersonal Mindfulness Training for Mindfulness Teachers
With Phyllis K. Hicks and Florence Meleo-Meyer

May 19 – 27, 2017
the Netherlands

Teaching Presence in Relationship

is a training designed to prepare Mindfulness Based Program instructors to teach Interpersonal Mindfulness to MBSR and MBCT graduates. Based on the meditation practice of Insight Dialogue, the awareness, mental stability, and calmness associated with silent meditation are developed in practice with others. Participants experience greater freedom internally and interpersonally as they integrate meditative qualities directly into relationship.

The Interpersonal Mindfulness Program is offered as a follow-up to graduates of Mindfulness Based Programs. It was developed by Gregory Kramer and a group of senior teachers and is based on the meditation practice of Insight Dialogue. The program encourages ongoing work with interpersonal stress by cultivating mindfulness, mental stability and calmness in relational contact.

A training designed to prepare MBSR and MBCT teachers  to offer
Interpersonal Mindfulness as a follow-up to  8-week mindfulness based programs.

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The Interpersonal Mindfulness Program was developed by Metta Programs. It was promoted and implemented by The Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Metta Programs from 2012-2016. The 2017 training is being implemented by Metta Programs and Present Mind.