Train to teach mindfulness

We offer a training to teach the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program (MBSR) as developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn. MBSR is one of the most widely researched programs in the world, and therefore provides a thorough basis for teaching both MBSR and other mindfulness-based programs.

In this training, you learn to teach the original, recently (2017) updated MBSR curriculum. The modules offer a combination of background, theory, teaching skills, and integration with your personal mindfulness practice. After successful completion of the teacher training, an additional MBCT-module will be available for those wishing to use this program as a professional intervention in mental health settings.

Professional Mindfulness Teacher training

New dates 2018/2019
A new international teacher training program will start in September, 2018 in the Czech Republic, at about an hour's travel from Prague. The program will be taught in English by an international team of highly qualified and experienced teachers and trainers. The training welcomes both Czech and international participants.

The residential modules allow for a deepening of your own mindfulness practice, as well as an immersion in the theory and practice of mindfulness-based teaching. Assignments and literature study will be given for the periods between the modules. Towards the end of the training, participants will lead their own 8-week course under supervision. Upon completion of the whole program, participants receive a certificate.

Present Mind complies with the international standards of the Center for Mindfulness (USA) and the criteria for mindfulness teachers and ethical guidelines as presented in the Framework of the International Integrity Network. For this program we are also in close contact with the Czech Association for Mindfulness.