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international program | new cohort starting November 26-29, 2020

Are you a mindfulness supervisor looking for more background and skills in supervision?
Or wishing to start supervising?
Become a Mindfulness Supervisor with the international training program

With the new international criteria for ongoing education and supervision for mindfulnessteachers, as developed in the Global Integrity Network in 2016, the mindfulness field sees an increasing demand for experienced supervisors.
Supervisors who are steeped in the mindfulness practice, and who are able to support, encourage and challenge their supervisees in their development, deepening their experience and understanding of the work in mindfulness.


When you are a senior teacher and supervisor, or on your way to become one, perhaps already supervising, this might be the program for you. This training welcomes teachers of mindfulness based programs (MBPs) with an experience of at least 20 programs over a period of 5 years or more. An intake session (online or via telephone) will be part of the registration procedure. This program is meant for teachers wishing to have a solid ground in supervision, while maintaining a mindful holding of the supervision process.


The Mindfulness Supervision training consists of 3 four-day modules in the course of roughly 1 year. This allows participants to digest the program at ease, and gives time to practice in between the modules. As with the mindfulness teacher training, this program is experiential. Learning to guide the process with presence plays a larger role than 'getting the right skills set'. While each module offers theory, background material and skills practice, the sessions have a strong focus on the process, on guiding, and on meeting what is present in our supervisees as well as in ourselves as supervisors. In this program, you learn to supervise, while holding the space of your supervisee and yourself in a mindful way. For this reason, mindfulness practice will also be part of the program.

The first module will focus on the basic skills of supervision and its specific application in a mindfulness setting - either with new, first time teachers or with more experienced ones. The following modules will refine skills and deepen the practice, allowing more space to explore personal topics and themes.

There is frequently a striking parallel between our own themes and those present in a group, often depending on the particular session of the 8-week training. Apart from personal topics, we also look at organisational matters that are important while supervising. While participants can bring in various experiences from their own supervision sessions, the program is overall practice-based.

During the program, participants will be required to supervise two different mindfulness teachers, and to get supervision on this. In the first round, you give 4 supervision sessions to a colleague teaching MBSR/MBCT, and receive peer-supervision from fellow students. After Module 2, you supervise a second teacher, this time being supervised by one of the trainers in the program. As a participant, you conclude the program with a reflective paper. When all assignments have been finished and approved, you will receive a certificate.


Basics of supervision - contracting and supervision structures – attitude and languaging – mindful communication skills – learning styles – transference, countertransference, parallel processing – working with shadow sides – supporting and challenging your supervisees – anxiety and the inner critic – deepening the practice, refining supervision skills - mindfulness group dynamics and individual processes.


The international team teaching the program consists of Lot Heijke (The Netherlands), Günter Hudasch and Petra Meibert (Germany) and Camilla Sköld (Sweden); mindfulness teachers, trainers and supervisors with extensive and international teaching experience. Read more about us here


The Mindfulness Supervision training is a 1-year program consisting of 3 modules of four days each (Thursdays to Sundays) On the opening day of each module participants are welcome to arrive and settle in from 15:00 hrs onwards; the actual program begins at 16:00 hrs. Each module ends after lunch (approx. 13:30 hrs) on the closing day.

Dates for 2020 / 2021:
Module 1: November 26-29, 2020
Module 2: June 3-6, 2021
Module 3: November 18-21, 2021

Akademie Klausenhof Dingden
Klausenhofstraße 100
46499 Hamminkeln

Akademie Klausenhof is located in the border region of Germany and the Netherlands.
Arriving by plane, Düsseldorf is the closest airport. If you come by train, Dingden is your nearest station. You can plan your itinerary in this international travelplanner here.

The fee for the training program is E 1675.
This excludes costs for accomodation and 4 personal supervision sessions by one of the trainers.

Costs for accomodation are E 750. This includes board, all meals, coffee & tea during the modules.
Individual supervision fee: E 80 per hour.


An intake session is part of the registration procedure and costs E 75, to be deducted from the program fee when admitted to the training. You can find more information on this in the confirmation email you receive after registering.

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