Mindfulnessteacher with a strong background in education. Jan has worked as a teacher and as a manager in education for many years. He has set up programs for schoolteachers, training them how to teach mindfulness in the classroom. Apart from the educational field, Jan also teaches mindfulness in various profit and not-for-profit organizations and companies. From an early age, Jan has been inspired by Buddhism, and has since participated in numerous retreats, done a lot of study, as well as teaching meditation classes.

Jan: In my opinion mindfulness is a fantastic translation of the Buddhist values into Western daily (healthy) life. Necessary, useful and extremely valuable for everyone who is brave enough to investigate the healing capacity of attention. Besides the scientifically proven effect in the areas of pain, depression and stress, mindfulness practices contain a potential for human beings to learn how to live lighthearted and happy lifes. My deepest wish is that through this training I can make a humble contribution to the world in terms of happiness and compassion.