Mindfulness teacher and therapist, mainly working in the field of oncology and reintegration at work. She is teaching MBSR to people with cancer and their relatives. Maria co-founded the Dutch Professional Association of Mindfulness Teachers VMBN and was in its board for many years. She is now active in EAMBA, the European network of national mindfulness associations. Maria has been a student of the Ridhwan school since 2006 and is in training to become a teacher in this school. She has also participated in various vipassana retreats.

Maria: It is my experience as a teacher that mindfulness gives people the ability to trust themselves in coping with anxiety, pain and other difficult feelings. It helps them to accept their situation as it is, and find peace in it. It gives them space to enjoy the precious moments in their lives. That is why I love teaching mindfulness. And I want to support spreading mindfulness as much as I can by training others to become a teacher.